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We can bring targets to you at this price because other industry companies are paying to advertise on the back of the target.  Obviously we have not sold enough ads for every range out there. 
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Shooting Ranges Save
When Local and National Advertisers Foot The Bill!
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Common Questions and Answers
  •  Is Shipping Included? Of Course!  Shipping will always be FREE so make the switch. (Free samples require paid shipping)
  •  What is the Viral Social Selfie? - Our targets encourage shooters to "Take a Pic and Tag Your Range" on social media. Free influencer social proof that your range is the place to be.
  •  Why Are Your Targets So Inexpensive? When advertisers pay some of the cost, we can charge you less.
  •  What type of ads will be printed on my target? From local BBQ and small business ads, to local and national gun industry ads. No Competing Gun Range Ads.
  •  Why Should I buy these targets? - Our targets cost much less than competing wholesale targets. Our targets are very high quality. Some of our games cannot be found anywhere else.
  •  Local Awareness - The Talk of the Town. Local businesses will rally your success when they advertise on your target! They see you as a marketing channel for their growth.
  •  Will the Ads Interfere With Training? - Our ad layout is designed to be out of the way. The targets remain consistent with regulation dimension.
  •  Do You Print My Favorite Targets? - We currently print the most popular targets in ranges today and we are open to submissions of your favorite design.
  •  Is There a Minimum Order? - Nope.You get this discounted price even if you order one box of targets. Do you like that?

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott shows off his shooting skills.

Shooters often take their targets home and take photos to share on social media. Our targets encourage shooters to tag the range when they share.

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Social Selfie
The Referral Engine printed on every target!
This Call To Action encourages your client to build social proof for your range. 
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Our Targets Have Classified Ads 
To Save You Money. 
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