You Get to be featured prominently in front of Shooters Pulling Triggers. 
PLUS an opportunity to get on our shoutout list going to gun ranges in our database. 
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We help the Firearm Industry advertise to their Target Audience without having to wait on Facebook or Google Ad Platforms.
Get in Front of Motivated Buyers
Be on the Range, in the Hands of Your Audience!
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Front                              Back
Advertisements depicted in this sample image may or may not have current placement on our product and it is not our intent to imply otherwise. 
Common Questions and Answers
  •  Perceived Endorsement: Just being seen in the range implies the range endorses the product, adding value to the brand.
  •  How many impressions per range?  On average, each range uses 4,000 targets per month. 
  •  Product Placement - Be on the range and in front of the shooters that are spending money.
  •  Awareness - Great for new products, or existing brands, and services!
  •  Captive Audience - No distractions from channel surfing or surfing the web!
  •  Cost Reduction - The amount of dollars wasted on advertising to less qualified Gun Fans!
  •  Is the back of the target seen? YES! Instructions on the front alert the shooter there are more targets to shoot on the back.
  •  What if my ad is shot? We give huge incentives for the shooter to visit the digital web page version of your ad for Free Giveaways. Even more opportunities for impressions and direct clicks to your site.
  •  How many targets are printed? Each run is done in 100,000 print increments. Meaning 100,000 qualified (buyers pulling triggers) impressions for one low price. Do you consider that a qualified lead?

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott shows off his shooting skills.

Shooters often take their targets home and take photos to share on social media.
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Matt C.

"This is a great idea. I am looking forward to the relationships started with the DFW shooter population. I love this innovative print target solution."

Tanner M.

"Just what we need to get out there with minimum sales effort. We are letting the target do the pitch for us to people that are currently consuming our competitors products."

Justin P.

"We sell personalized one on one training in a variety of firearms disciplines. Local advertising at the range helps us to be top of mind when our potential students are thinking about going to the next level."
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